£100 for 100 days to elect Katy as our MSP

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The Lib Dem fight back faces its most crucial test in the Scottish elections in May 2016.

Two recent opinion polls show we are on course to increase our number of MSPs on 5th May, with West Scotland region being one of the top 2 most likely gains for the party.

Katy Gordon, our lead list candidate in West Scotland region, is passionate about speaking up for those who face disadvantages in life and helping them make the most of their potential. She will be a hardworking, compassionate, dedicated MSP for the West of Scotland.

With 20 years experience outside politics working in the public, private and charity sectors, Katy will bring a wide knowledge of education, jobs and the labour market to our strong MSP team.

But to succeed, Katy needs your help to support the campaign, which relies on donations from individual supporters.

If you would like to donate by phone or have a question please call 0131 337 2314.

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Most recent donor: from Milngavie, United Kingdom donated. Thank you!

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& you'll pay for a tabloid newspaper to every home in East Dunbartonshire.

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